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Why Using Royaltie Proximity Beacons are a Good Idea for Real Estate Wholesalers

One thing we are always doing is looking for ways to reach buyers and sellers that reduce cost and produce results. This led us to proximity marketing. It’s a tool that isn’t utilized by many in the industry. Before I get into how we use Royaltie gems let me explain proximity marketing.

This is possible only with the use of BlueTooth. The gems send a signal to every enabled device with BlueTooth turned on within a certain distance. Even computers, Google Home, and Alexa have BlueTooth now not only cell phones and tablets. This is a huge market that puts you in front of people you wouldn’t otherwise be able to contact.

Why EarlToms Chose Royaltie

We researched proximity marketing thoroughly. There are a couple of direct providers of proximity beacons. There are many affiliates. Royaltie is a secondary provider. You rent the beacons on a monthly basis from Royaltie. At the time of writing this article, one beacon was $25/mo, 3 beacons were $49/mo. The prices will go up the more beacons you use. We use 3 beacons. That seems to be enough for us.

We chose Royaltie even paying a little more than from a direct provider because of their software. It offered the most flexibility to change messages, set specific times to broadcast, and a host of other things. Once you change a message it updates instantly. An app is soon to be released also.

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The features are abundant. I’m not going to list them all but will point out the main features.

  • Waterproof
  • Fit on Keychains
  • 2 year battery
  • Broadcast to 100 yards (Most competitors were 100 ft)
  • Online Dashboard to Customize Messages and Delivery Options
  • tracking accepted for the link
  • https site needed for message to be approved (https is a secure site. If yours is an http send them to your facebook page)
  • Size of a Quarter
  • Messages Updated Instantly
  • No Contracts, No Deposits


How We Use the Beacons

Since we have the flexibility, we use to track clicks. It will still show your website on the message while hiding the trackable link. I use 2 beacons in my car. One with a We Buy Houses type message directing the click to the buyer’s site. One with a message directed to potential investors routing them to my investor’s site. I use one at the office directed to investors since I’m across the street from the largest closing attorney in my city. Just seems like something I should do.

Everywhere my car travels I am able to reach anyone with BlueTooth turned on within 100 yards. Each one of our beacons typically gets a minimum of 30 clicks per day tracking with The average is between 50-75. I am not implying I get a minimum of 30 leads a day. What I am saying is I am reaching a minimum of 30 per beacon or 90 total, each day that I am able to stay in front of with retargeting ads on Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., because they visited my website. I’m not sending thousands of mailers because for $49/mo I am able to reach and keep reaching 2,700 people a month at minimum.

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Final Thoughts

What could you do being able to stay in front of 2,700 people a month at minimum for $49/mo? I am located in a  market of about 200,000 within the city limits. Approximately 1 million in the MSA.

You don’t have to advertise everywhere. Facebook is more affordable than Adwords per click so maybe run a like campaign for everyone that visits your website. Then keep them engaged by posting for free on your page. That could easily be done combining Royaltie and Facebook ads for $100/mo or less a month total. This is a cost effective way to reach out to people you wouldn’t normally find on any other medium. A lot of our leads that come from the gems wanted to sell their house but didn’t like mailers or looked on Google and everyone’s website looked the same. We’ve had many say those reasons keep them from reaching out trying to sell their house.

Hopefully, this gives you a way to effectively market your business without breaking the bank.

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