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It’s crucial to weigh your options if you’re thinking about selling your house. But which option makes the most sense in your particular circumstance?

You must first realize that we are not agents. We are house buyers. Second, it also means that you don’t need to prepare or list your house before selling.

Which Solution Is Best for Me?

The best option for you will ultimately be determined by you, but it’s crucial to be well informed.

  • Spend 6% on average in commissions and fees
  • Pay closing costs of 2% on average.
  • Recognize that most of the time a contract is in jeopardy because of an inspection or financial complication.
  • Pay for a home appraisal.
  • Wait 90 days on average or longer to sell your house.
  • Put your family and yourself through open houses and possibly several showings
  • Wait 30 to 60 days before closing on your house, sometime even loner.
  • If repairs are considered essential within the inspection period, you must pay for them out of your own pocket.

Let’s examine what transpires when you sell your house to us as a comparison.

You won't need to do any of the following if you sell your house to EarlToms:

  • Pay any commissions, fees, or closing costs; no out-of-pocket expenses are necessary.
  • Sell with any inspection or financial issues to eliminate the possibility of the deal failing.
  • Pay for your home’s appraisal; we’ll make a cash offer for it.
  • You only need to display your house to us, so you won’t have to hold a lot of open houses or showings.
  • We don’t make you wait a long time to close; instead, we let you choose the date.
  • Make any necessary repairs because we’ll buy your house as-is.

We Buy Your House Within 7 Days!!!

So what do you have to lose?

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We Can Buy Your House

Why Is Selling to EarlToms a Better Choice for Me?

In addition to buying your house for cash, we can do so quickly.
You’ll get paid in cash for it, too!

Therefore, if you’re on the fence, consider…

  1. From offer to closing in as few as 7 days
  2. From offer to closing in as few as 7 days fees, commissions, or closing costs to pay
  3. Not having to wait an eternity for an offer to be made (and for it to be accepted!)
  4. Never again having to pay for the house’s mortgage, utilities, insurance, or taxes!
  5. Regardless of your circumstance or the necessity to sell quickly, you can walk away from the inconvenience of owning the home.

Start today with a Fair Cash Offer

To get started, just complete the contact form. Within 24 hours, we’ll make you a reasonable cash offer at no cost or commitment to you.

Do not squander your time or money hoping for a better situation.

Now, let EarlToms assist you!


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Don’t forget we buy houses as-is. No need to clean-up or make extensive repairs!

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