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Is Lead Propeller a Good Fit for Your Business?

We have also used Lead Propeller in the past. What we found was that it is better suited as an information gathering site. When we compare results of conversions versus visitors to other website providers for wholesalers it showed a substantially less conversion rate. This doesn’t mean it’s not worth having as a service. Remember, I said it was a good data source.

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Website Templates

The templates that Lead Propeller offer are appealing to the eye however, they have a drawback. Most visitors don’t want to be bombarded with a video that automatically plays as soon as they land on a page. Imagine you are sitting in a waiting room surfing the internet and all of a sudden the video starts blasting to everyone around you. This sends people away. It also hurts in search results because page load time is an important factor in rankings. It takes a while to load a video so while you could be telling your visitor the message when the page loads they are waiting for your message to load. In turn, leads go away.

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Lead Propeller is a good place to gather data. Their CRM is definitely the most robust of any website provider. When you enter an address in their CRM it automatically populates the owner’s information along with any liens, mortgages, etc. I have seen a fire lien on a record so it is thorough.

They have an area to search and download records for motivated sellers and potential buyers. The records can be saved, exported, or loaded into a mail campaign from their site. You will have recent purchase prices, exterior picture, physical data, and ARV on each record. This information you pay extra for with providers such as Listsource. You are able to download 1,000 records per export but there is no limit on the amount of 1,000 record exports you do.

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Investors Area

They also have an area that tries to match up members with deals. They have an automated email template to send to other investors that Lead Propeller in your area. Once it matches your deal with potential users you can send the details to them within the dashboard. I never closed a sale with a user on Lead Propeller however, I am not in a major city market. It may be a great resource for wholesalers in different markets based on the number of users.

Repair Estimates

Lead Propeller offers Hammerpoint to estimate renovations for your deals as part of their service. We used the renovation estimates in our deals. They seem to be somewhat accurate and you are able to edit a specific adjustment if it doesn’t seem accurate for your market. We used the estimate software by item not by room. You can choose to estimate your renovation either way.

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Final Thoughts

We believe other website template providers offer better results with conversions. It’s a trade since their CRM, renovation estimate software, data, etc., are so good. Your best option may be to use another website template and use Lead Propeller for everything else.

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