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Why Wholesalers Should Use ActiveCampaign

Let me start by telling you ActiveCampaign is an email platform, a CRM, SMS messaging, and marketing automation platform. There is a free plan. Wholesalers love free stuff however, in order to utilize the CRM or have more than 1,000 contacts you will pay a staggering $29 for all of it except SMS. SMS is included in the next plan. I absolutely love this platform. Here’s why.


The email is simple to understand and automate. It was originally created to be an alternative to InfusionSoft but has since become a go-to platform for marketing professionals. It does everything InfusionSoft does and more for a lot less.

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We send our opt-in information to ActiveCampaign. It accepts full property information without having to set up the fields using the ActiveCampaign extension from Gravity Forms. No zaps. Once we have a new contact the automation begins for the seller. A simple when would you like us to call or can you provide us with a little more information based on the program not receiving the full form information. We use tags to segregate lists upon arrival of a new contact and as we move forward.

Once they are in an automation it becomes based on user activity. Did they open the email? Click a link? Whatever conditions you set in the automation based on their activity will trigger the next in that series. It’s not a good idea to have a 3 email template that everyone gets regardless of whether it applies. This is the way to look professional and keep a seller on track and engaged. This is what Globiflow does for you except in a free email program, up to 1,000 contacts.

Look at this…

ActiveCampaign Email Series

How easy is that?

CRM Workflow

This is almost too simple. That might be why we don’t use it. As you move users along in your emails the workflow changes the deal stage. It can assign a task, reminder, etc., just like every other CRM. The simplicity comes from the appearance and the need to only be organized. That’s all it is trying to do. It’s not worried about how many bells and whistles it can add. It only wants to move you thru the deal. The CRM has zero bloat.

See the simplicity…

ActiveCampaign CRM


ActiveCampaign integrates with nearly everything. I have found many of their integrations have add-ons or extensions from the program they are connecting. For example, the Gravity Forms extension we use is a copy/paste code on our site and save. It’s nothing like setting up a Zap. I believe this is one reason they have been successful. Everything they offer is super simple to understand without a need for technical skills. As of the time of this article their website stated they connected to over 150 programs from accounting to CRM.

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Easy on the eyes dashboard…

ActiveCampaign Dashboard

Final Thoughts

It’s not enough to have a list of potential. A list is worthless if it isn’t used, monitored, and flexible to keep the potential engaged until they spend money with you. That is the only thing any marketing should be concerned with is getting the customer/potential to spend money with you. It doesn’t make sense to send a simple series to everyone. Every Wholesaler faces a different circumstance when they receive a seller’s information. If it’s a divorce and they hate each other why would you send an email saying you buy for 5 other reasons that you have listed. When they give their reason, target the reason with your marketing.

Segmenting lists is something every Real Estate Wholesaler should do to maximize the potential of the information they have. We understand there will be some general statements made in emails but targeting the reason helps the reader think you are talking to them not everyone. Make it personal. Personal deals close.

Did I mention ActiveCampaign has a free trial also? Well they do…

ActiveCampaign Free Ttrial

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