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Google Voice

There are many Real Estate Wholesale Investors that use Google Voice. It’s an easy-to-use program that offers a layer of privacy while giving your business a phone number. Let’s look at what it does and whether it’s a good fit for your business.

Google Integration

Since this is a product offered by Google it integrates with all other programs and apps provides by Google. A lot of businesses depend on Google for their products because they offer good solutions and most are free. It’s the best of both worlds.

Set Up Google Voice

Anyone that has a Google account already has a Voice account. All Google accounts are the same account. You have to set up a Voice account on a desktop. It’s not possible to set up a Voice account on a mobile device. You can sign up for an account here.



In order to get a Voice number you will need to search by the area code. Available numbers will populate for you to select one.

Google Voice Choose Number

Once you have a number it will ask the forwarding number. This can be a landline or cell phone. Google Voice only needs a line to connect to and use. This is how many people use multiple Google Voice phone numbers.

Google Voice Add Number

You will receive a call to verify registration with a code to enter on your Voice dashboard. Once the number is confirmed you are all set except installing the app on your phone if you choose. The Google Voice app takes control of your voicemail. You will no longer have the greeting you set on your cell phone. It will be the greeting you set in Google Voice. If you didn’t create a greeting it will be the default greeting while still taking control of your cellphone voicemail. This is the reason many do not forward to their phone but instead use it as automated voicemail.

Best Practices Using Google Voice

We recommend not forwarding your Voice number to your phone. You will receive an email, text, or both if you choose any time you miss a call, receive a text, or voicemail. These options are within the setting dashboard in your account. Since you can login to the voice website from a mobile device you can make calls and send texts from your cell logged in online. It’s connecting to you while calling a motivated seller and show your Voice number. This helps for a couple of reasons. It’s a good idea to screen calls given the nature of the business because you don’t want to talk to everyone. Also, many Real Estate Wholesale Investors work full time jobs so it doesn’t keep your phone ringing running into potential trouble at work.

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