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Inc Business Profile

Inc Business Profile

The Inc Business Profile is an easy way to get a Quality Backlink.

We have all searched for ways to improve our search results.

It’s not enough or a good idea to link to every site that offers a backlink. When you link to free sites many times they have low domain ratings or a low URL score. This will hurt your organic search results and make you drop in the rankings. You always need to check your backlinks to make sure you haven’t linked to a site hurting your rankings. With both, DR and UR, you want as close to a 100 score as you can find to get links.

Inc has an established brand and search engines see it as an authority site. See below…

Inc Website Ratings Website Rating

What the Inc Business Profile offers is a quality backlink. Unfortunately, there is a cost associated with getting your business listed on It is $30 per year or less than $3 a month to give link juice to your website.

Imagine you have 15 million quality backlinks to your website like Inc. You would rank higher on every major search engine than any of your competitors. Even, We Buy Houses…

We Buy Houses Website Ratings

We Buy Houses Website Information

We Buy Houses only has 12,000 backlinks. How many backlinks do you have currently?

Even though this seems impossible to get quality links to your website, it is possible.

Why? Every time you get a quality backlink to your website it helps increase your organic(free) position in search results. They begin to multiply as websites link between each other. This makes your backlinks grow.

Link to the Right Websites

If you are linking to websites

  • with low scores,
  • have a lot of links on the page you are linking from their website,
  • or if a website appears spammy by Google

You will lower your score and miss opportunities for backlinks. Quality websites will not pick up your site if you have a lot of spammy links. It’s quality not quantity.

So, you may only find that you have a couple of backlinks currently. Keep finding quality backlinks that will help you get free deals instead of paid for deals with advertising or mailers.

Backlinks are that important…

Get you Inc Business Profile Today and help your business make a better statement on the Web. Business Profile Backlink


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