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$250 Ad Spend with Adwords

How to Get Results Spending $250 with Adwords

This seems like it’s impossible to most people. I used to think it was impossible also. Then I did it and got amazing results for only spending $250. We used the predictive intelligence program that manages Adwords we told you about earlier. You can read more about the software in the link below…

Adwords that are affordable and get results

So What Did We Do Exactly?

We started the test on the first of the month so the budget would have a full 30 days to optimize the campaigns. If you start in the middle of the month using the amount for the month with Opteo the program will treat the remaining balance as unused budget for the month and use it. This won’t have any impact on the overall performance of your ads. It may speed up some opportunities using a month’s budget in half the time. Each month the budget will reset automatically. You don’t have to enter a budget each month. It will use the last approved amount.

Once the budget was changed all we had to do is open Opteo every 24 hours to see what improvements are recommended. I typically do this in the morning with my first cup of coffee. It takes about a sip to update the ads. You have to keep improvements up-to-date so it can continually find new opportunities for your campaign. If you create a new keyword because it’s using budget prospecting it will start creating opportunities within the new keyword. The same applies for adding negative keywords.

Since we have our ads already managed by Opteo’s program the job of spending $250 and getting results was pretty easy. It took a sip of coffee each morning while pushing improvements and then answering the phone.

What Type of Results Does $250 Get with Adwords?

Some of this answer will depend on your market. We are in a market that has approximately 1 million people in the MSA. If you have 10 million people in your market your results will obviously be different. Each market is different so you should never expect the exact same results. We don’t make irresponsible claims. Guru’s might though.

So on to the results. In our market the results look as follows…

Adwords Campaigns EarlToms

  • $230.54 spent ($250 available budget, saved $20)
  • 2,212 Impressions
  • 63 Clicks
  • $3.66 Average per Click
  • 2.9 Average Position

Those numbers are real. They came straight from the Opteo dashboard. Each campaign has a $15 daily budget.

You can see the target ad group spent half the amount of the hunting ad group for a similar number of clicks. The target ad group has more exact and phrase match keywords than the hunting campaign. Target also had more impressions and a higher average position. The target group is specific and typically converts more deals. It’s important to use a broad campaign also. It helps find new opportunities and terms that are being searched.

Based on the results of our 6 month optimization drilling down segments to converts for less what if you spent

$500 – 128 clicks? 4.3 clicks every day?

$1,000 – 256 clicks? 8.5 clicks every day?

Final Thoughts

We really can’t stress the need to use Opteo. They give a free 30-day trial to look around and figure some things out before you start paying for the service. It’s the one service we will not go without in our business. If we can close deals consistently by only spending $350 a month ($250 ad spend + $97 Opteo) we would be idiots not to use it. That’s also why we had ads, ad campaigns, keywords, etc., professionally written. We used Opteo while a professional, Adwords Certified company managed our ads. We paid them $1,000+ a month, as well as, $2,500 minimum ad spend. That’s 10x more spent than was actually needed. $3,500 a month compared to $350 a month for better results that keeps money in our bank account. More money made & less spent equals math I like.

That’s why we founded EarlToms. There are easier and less expensive ways to be successful wholesaling Real Estate that are readily available.

We prefer everyone to use our Ads with Opteo because it’s what we base our results on that we show you. Your campaigns may be set up completely different and take a while to be optimized. You may have better performing campaigns than we can offer. Tell us about them if you do. Help us make the industry better.

EarlToms ads are available below…

EarlToms Complete Adwords Campaigns

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