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How You Should Use Twitter as a Real Estate Wholesaler

Twitter and Wholesaling Real Estate

You get 140 characters. It’s not a lot of Real Estate but it’s valuable. How should you use Twitter in your Real Estate business? That’s the mystery for most in the Real Estate industry. Hopefully we’ll be able to show you some ways to gain more business and sell more houses. It can be accomplished if you know how to use it the right way.

Twitter Basics

One of the first things you should know about using Twitter is it goes fast so your message has to be perfect. There isn’t any room for error when you only have 140 characters to get your message across to potential investors. You should notice I didn’t say homeowners. Investors should be your only focus on Twitter. Let Facebook or Pinterest serve as your way to reach potential sellers. This is a social platform that most people use to stay up-to-date on the latest hysteria happening in society. You need to create your own hysteria but in a positive way for your business.

You also need to make sure your website, phone number, and short description about what you do is included in your profile at the top of the page. That’s your first call-to-action a user will see so take full advantage of it.

Twitter Messaging

The messaging available with Twitter must be precise. I can’t recommend putting long links on your post. It takes up valuable Real Estate. You can use a link shortener like bitly. Since you have a limited amount of space to deliver a message you should treat it like a subject line or a headline with a call-to-action to click on the link or call you. You should never post We Buy Houses messages on Twitter. All of the social media platforms function like search engines. If you confuse the platform you suffer in views and search. If you stay on topic, the same topic, you will increase your reach for free without the need to advertise.

You don’t have to include hashtags anymore since they can translate words in your message for relevant users when searching. EarlToms has never followed anyone on Twitter, as of this article date, but already gets re-Tweets, likes, etc., because it tries to match content to a user that needs it.

Creating Your Hysteria on Twitter

Twitter Funny PictureI am not a fan of doing this but it really the only way to gain an audience on Twitter. Instead of being controversial you need to practice your clickbait headline skills. If you post a message with a picture you need to make it a picture of something different than what your message says since the picture will get a users attention first. It always makes users read the message since the picture was funny or completely absurd. Once you have a users attention with your picture or message you have to make sure it has a call-to-action. If you aren’t giving someone a reason to click a link or call you then you are wasting your time.

The social media platforms have to be used to get business. You aren’t there to make friends even though you are polite. Whether it’s on Facebook or Twitter if you are posting messages that people glance at and keep scrolling you are doing it wrong. No one is suggesting every message you post will be the best of all time. Use Twitter to practice your subject lines if you send deals to investors or have a newsletter. When you figure out what is getting user engagement on your post you can translate that to your email campaigns and other social media platforms.

Ways to Get Attention on Twitter

Twitter is all about what your eye sees. We get engagement because of our message but also because of the way we structure our message. Here are some examples

  • [EarlToms Here] – I have a good deal for you in Atlanta and it’s half the house it should be
  • – Stop it – If you keep scrolling you’re going to miss what I have to say. Click here
  • >>EarlToms<< I’m selling a house with a tenant that is current for 40% of market value. Do you want it?

Those small characters were different than what the eye was used to seeing with tweets as they scrolled. That’s what makes them stop and look if you aren’t using a visual aide like a picture. The first example doesn’t have a traditional call-to-action but it left a question in their mind so they click. How is it half the house it should be? Was it burned or something. People will be nosey and look. It’s human nature.

I created hysteria without being controversial. Hysteria is created every time someone clicks or engages with a like or re-tweet. That’s how you start trending. If you don’t have interaction you won’t trend. That’s why when you see social media in Google search results that say 500 people are talking about this. These are monitored the same way traffic to your website is monitored by Google to rank you.

Final Thoughts

Every social media platform is different and should be used differently. You can find sellers on Facebook. That’s why Facebook and Pinterest should only be used to engage potential sellers. Linkedin is the same as Twitter. There are a lot of people that use Twitter that don’t use Facebook. I’ve heard it’s because people don’t tweet their every move like they do on Facebook.

If you are trying to get a company or person on Twitter to recognize you and your business I suggest you engage in their activity. You should like their tweets and maybe re-tweet when it is a relevant topic for your business. I notice a lot of Wholesalers don’t share with others because they think it will cost them business. It’s actually the opposite. The more you engage without expecting a return the more your presence online will increase. You should become the authority instead of just another Wholesaler. To do that, you have to act like a business and not a child that can’t share the toy. It gives you associations that are valuable to your business. If a user does research on you or your business let them find that you are engaged with a reputable company. It makes you look that much better because reputable companies aren’t going to let Joe Shmo associate with them to hurt their brand.

Sharing is Caring

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