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Property Usage

Property Usage Explained

In Real Estate the property usage is sometimes referred to as the highest and best use. They are different things and should be treated as such. Property usage is what a property is being used for or should be used for to acheive the highest and best use of the property. There are 3 basic types of property usage in Real Estate. As soon as you learn to become the usage mediator and sell positive and negative property usage in your deals you will increase your spreads. 

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Principle of Substitution

Principle of Substitution

This may sound like something involving high school but it involves economics. We use the Principle of Substitution every day in our lives. Many times we don’t realize it’s what we are doing. The principle of substitution applies in every deal in Real Estate. As a wholesaler that is your focus when you put a property under contract. It’s important to understand how to value Real Estate so you can explain why a property is only worth so much.

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