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Yellow Letter HQ

Yellow Letter HQ Review

Yellow Letter HQ

A lot of people think they run a Real estate company wholesaling houses. That is the end goal but not what the company should be focused on. Every business that wholesales real estate should be a marketing company. It’s often said that you don’t have enough deals. Why is that? Answer – Because you don’t have enough leads!

We have tested many services to see what kind of results we could get and with all services we test, we bring you the results. Recently, we tested Yellow Letter HQ. This is what we found.

The Website

When you visit the website for Yellow Letter HQ you find an easy to use site, that in many ways is similar to the lead generation website you use for your business. It’s simple and gets to the point to convert you. They focus on mailing letters, postcards, and tracking. They also offer add-on services to help generate leads for you. They have partners with Listsource to provide you with discounted leads. They also offer skiptracing services.

Yellow Letter HQ Services

Direct Mail

The service most, if not everyone knows Yellow Letter HQ for is their direct mail, Yellow Letters. We have used many direct mail service providers in our business but what we noticed is Yellow Letter HQ stands out from the rest.

Yellow Letters HQ has what I think is the most cost-effective pricing in the industry.

Postcards range from $.37 to $.61 depending on the quantity. They do have a 100-piece minimum.

yellow Letter Postcard Pricing

Letters range from $.51 to $.86 depending on the quantity. The letter minimum per order is 200 pieces.

Yellow Letter HQ Letter Pricing

It doesn’t take them a week to mail your letters or postcard. Once you finalize your order you are given a proof to approve within 24 hours typically. Once you approve the proof you typically receive an email and a text message stating your mail pieces have been delivered to USPS within 24-48 hours. How is this timeframe different than other providers?

It’s different because we typically start receiving calls the day after they drop it off at USPS. Every other provider we have worked with say your mail has been sent only to wait a week for calls to begin. It can be difficult to schedule mail and track with the delayed delivery. With the fast delivery it becomes easier to track which mail piece is converting to a specific target list. If you send direct mail a couple of times a month to different lists, it becomes almost impossible to know which piece converted. There is a lot of overlap with owners on your segmented lists. Did an owner call you because of the tax lien or high equity postcard you sent? You can’t tell if you get the call 3 weeks after you sent the tax lien post card and a couple of days after you sent the high equity postcard. It’s a good idea to send to specific list that target one thing but it’s also a good idea to stack your segmented list to find the most likely to sell their house at a discount. That brings us to their service that helps organize your lists.

List Organizer

This is a feature that we enjoy. It saves time, helps identify owners more likely to sell, and does things other providers don’t do.

The list organizer service does exactly what it would suggest. It organizes your list but, it does so much more than organize. In the list organizer you can remove keywords from your list. For example, you don’t want to mail to an owner with the Bank, Fannie Mae, Corp, LLC, etc. You simply add those keywords to your dashboard, and it removes records from all, not just one, of your lists. We used to manually go through our list to remove these records. It took hours. Now it takes seconds. The list providers aren’t going to allow you to remove keywords from their list because you pay per lead. They would lose money. Thankfully, Yellow Letter HQ realizes that in order for them to be profitable, you need to be effective.

You can also change the name of Trusts. We’ve all sent mail that wasn’t formatted properly to address the owner in the correct way. With the list organizer service, you can change the way it addressed in seconds also. Instead of sending a mail piece that says, EarlToms Trust you can change it to EarlToms Family. With the click of a button for you can change all trust records, in all lists.

If that wasn’t enough to convince you, it keeps getting better. You can also remove those records on the Do Not Mail list with the click of a button.

Our favorite feature in the list organizer service is the Hotstack. The Hotstack is a combination of all your list that shows which owners are listed on multiple lists. You can choose to mail to owners on any number of lists. If you want to choose to mail to owners on 2, 3, 4, 5+ lists it allows you to do this automatically. A couple of list providers offer this service but to be able to do it on the dashboard of the company that is actually going to mail is a game-changer. You no longer have to look at list then export to review your records on multiple spreadsheets.

When you choose the list organizer service you also get unlimited leads from Listsource for $.03 per record.

You can have the List Organizer and Listsource Service for $97 per month or bundle for $147 per month.

Yellow Letter List Organizer Service

Returned Mail

This service makes us happy. How many times have you manually added returned mail to a spreadsheet to skiptrace or compare for future mail campaigns? This is one aspect for years we decided to keep wasting money and send to the returned mail because it was more cost-effective than removing records for each campaign manually. The list providers won’t let you compare and remove records. Again, they want your money.

With the returned mail feature, you can magically remove returned mail from all future mail campaigns two ways. First, you can buy a handheld scanner and scan the bar codes. You have to pair the scanner with your computer via Bluetooth. Second, you can use your webcam. You can hold the mail piece up to your webcam and wait for the beep once it scans the barcode.

All of these records you scan using a handheld scanner or your webcam with automatically go into a list to permanently remove these addresses for future mail campaigns. You will have easy access to a list that you can skiptrace every time you mail a letter or postcard.

We love, love, love this feature! We love it!

You can have the Returned Mail Service for $49 per month (regularly $97) or bundle for $147 per month.

Yellow Letter HQ Returned Mail Pricing

SkipTracing Service

Yellow Letter HQ is working to provide more reliable information than is currently offered. This statement is made since some areas do not have accurate ownership contact information. We recommend you reach out to Yellow Letter HQ to discuss their data for your area prior to order the Skiptracing service. To date Batch SkipTracing offers the most accurate owner contact information we have found for the area we wholesale houses. Yellow Letter HQ could be better for your area. That’s why we recommend you do your due diligence for your area.

REI Automation Squad

Yellow Letter HQ has partnered with REI Automation Squad for their direct mail integration in Podio. This could be useful for large to mid-size companies, but we have found for small companies it complicates your business. You can easily upload your list to Podio for tracking. If you are a large company that uses the services integrated with REI Automation Squad Podio setup this could be beneficial to you. They integrate with Lead Sherpa, CallRail, VM Blast, SMS Blast, etc. If you are not spending at least $10,000 per month on services and marketing this will be too bloated for you. If you are spending at least $10,000 per month you should look into their Podio CRM integration. There is a free Podio integration offered. It is designed to get you to buy the paid Podio integration. It can be helpful starting out to help you grow but it is limited in functionality. It could be easier to watch a couple of videos on YouTube to setup Podio if this is the CRM you currently use or want to use.

Yellow Letter HQ Review Summary

We recommend using Yellow Letter HQ for your direct mail campaigns. It doesn’t make sense not to use their service if you are wholesaling houses. Their mail pieces, letters and postcards, are well designed and get a higher response rate than any other direct mail provider we have tried over the years. Currently, we are getting the best response rate we have ever had using the postcards with a street view of the house on the postcard. This could be different in your market, so we recommend you test out different mail pieces to see which works best for your market.

We also recommend using their paid services. You can’t beat paying $147 per month hearing a beep to remove returned mail from future mailings alone. Add in the fact that your lists are always organized on your dashboard and scrubbed automatically is a game changer. You spend more than $200 per month of your time scrubbing lists or wasting money sending to returned mail recipients if you aren’t scrubbing every list.

Use Yellow Letter HQ. You can thank EarlToms when your phone starts ringing more, and you spend less time pulling your hair out trying to keep things organized.

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