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Does your house have any adverse effects?

Does your house have any adverse effects?

When you’re selling your house, you want to get the best price possible. But there are some adverse effects that could impact the value of your house and make it difficult to sell. These include encroachments, being located in a curve or on a busy road, having a steep lot, or being next to train tracks. If you’re concerned about any of these factors, be sure to talk to a real estate professional. They can help you determine whether or not these factors will have a significant impact on the sale of your home.

Does your house have any encroachments?

When considering the value of your house and its potential for resale, it is important to ensure that there are no encroachments present. Encroachments can take on many forms and can be a major inhibitor when you go to sell your property. Common examples of encroachments include fences from neighboring properties located on your property, or encroaching structures that may have been built over time onto your land. These encroachments may reduce the value of your property if not resolved, so it’s essential to make sure that any such issues have been addressed before putting it up for sale.

Is it located in a curve or on a busy road?

Location is a key factor when evaluating the value of a home, and when it comes to the saleability of your house, being located in a curve or on a busy road can have disparate ramifications. If the house is in a curve, visibility could become blocked, making it harder to find for potential buyers. Additionally, if it’s too close to another road curve, its outlook could be hindered. On the other hand, if located on a busy road it could detract from potential buyer’s enthusiasm if there’s constant traffic or noise pollution. It’s important to consider how this may impact the desirability of your home as adverse effects such as these can make it difficult to sell.

Is the house on a steep lot or next to train tracks?

When it comes to housing, steep lots and being close to train tracks can be major sources of concern. The noise generated by the elements of a track can be damaging to living situations, not to mention any potential risk surrounding proximity of a train and home. Further, if the house is located on a steep lot, adequate maintenance and use may prove difficult due to difficulty when cutting grass and outdoor activities with young children. If buyers are interested in this type of property, those points must be taken into account to determine the overall value and marketability of the house.

Any of these factors could impact the value of your house & make it difficult to sell

Whether it be an encroachment on your property or a steep lot that makes the house difficult to access, any of these factors could have an adverse effect on the value of your home and lower its desirability to potential buyers. Even seemingly minor issues, such as being located in a curve or on a busy road, can lead to decreased interest from buyers and even potentially necessitate costly repairs before you are able to make a sale. Furthermore, being situated next to train tracks could make potential buyers wary of potential noise and track maintenance inconveniences. Generally speaking, any of these issues should not be ignored when planning for the sale of your home as they could all have drawbacks that can significantly decrease its market value in the long run.

If you’re not sure, ask a professional for their opinion

If you’re looking to sell your house, it is wise to understand any potential adverse effects that may affect its value. These effects could include encroachments, the steepness of the lot, its location in a curve, its proximity to busy roads or train tracks and other elements associated with the house itself. Having a professional opinion on the matter can be invaluable in providing peace of mind and added assurance when making such an important decision. From legal issues to structural integrity, having an informed expert assess these factors can be immensely beneficial in protecting your investment and achieving your desired financial objectives.


If you’re thinking of selling your house, it’s important to be aware of any factors that could negatively impact its value. Things like encroachments, location in a curve or on a busy road, and being on a steep lot or next to train tracks can all make it difficult to sell your house. If you’re not sure whether or not your house has any of these factors, it’s always best to ask a professional for their opinion. That way, you can be prepared for anything when it comes time to sell.

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Does your house have any adverse effects?
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