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Can I Sell My House Fast?

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It’s hard to know who or what to believe given the abundance of information you can find online.

This is especially true if you’re asking the question: Can I sell my house fast?

We’re happy to report that yes, it is possible to sell your house fast!

With the help of a professional real estate investor, you can sell your house a lot faster than if you were to go the traditional way of listing the property with an agent. But before you make that decision, there are a few things you should be informed on prior to choosing the investor you want to work with.

In this post, we go over what you should know before you work with a real estate investor as well as how to answer the question – how do I sell my house fast?

Does the Investor Act Professionally and Treat You Well?

Any real estate transaction you take part in will involve a significant amount of money. That’s why it’s so important to know as much as possible about who you choose to work with. 

Since selling your home is such a significant event, it’s a good idea to speak with at least a few potential investors. By doing so, you will be able to tell who you’ll be comfortable working with and who to avoid.

The best way to choose a potential investor is to ask the following questions:

  • Do they act too pushy?
  • Do they do or say something that causes you unease or make you feel unsure of going through with the deal?
  • Do they appear forceful and try to make you decide right then and there?

If you can answer yes to any of the previous questions, that’s a sign that you should probably work with someone else. However, if the real estate investor is personable, friendly and you feel at ease with them, then it’s probably okay to consider doing business with them.

Do They Offer You a Quote or Consultation Free of Charge?

Knowing if you’ll be charged to ask basic information is a good way to determine which investors to work with when you ask them – can you help me sell my house fast?

If they respond by saying that they require you to pay a fee for a quote or consultation, they may not practice in an ethical manner. Most professional real estate investors will offer you a free quote or consultation.

They also don’t charge a commission fee to handle the transaction. An ethical real estate investor will also allow you to make a decision based on their quote without any hassle or pressure tactics.

You also shouldn’t have to worry about explaining why you need to sell your home fast because it won’t matter to the investor. Also, they shouldn’t require you to repair any damages to your home since they will buy it in as-is condition.

Does the Investor Have a Good Reputation?

If a real estate investor is dishonest, he or she won’t care if they have a good reputation. Chances are that they’re only in the business to take advantage of homeowners and won’t give any thought to reviews or testimonials.

But it’s a different story with a reputable investor. They know that their reputation is worth gold if they want to be successful. If they act inappropriately in any fashion, there’s an abundance of social media and review sites for that behavior to be reported and become public.

It’s important to search online for any information about an investor’s reputation before choosing to work with them. Do the testimonials on their site seem to be valid? Are any complaints about them listed on sites like the Better Business Bureau? If you do a Google search on their business, does anything negative or unethical pop up?

How You Can Get Help to Sell Your House Fast

If you’re still wondering – can I sell my house fast? – it’s time to find out where you can get help.

The team at EarlToms is available to help and is happy to provide you with a quote or consultation free of any obligation. We have assisted numerous homeowners to sell their house fast, and we’re experts at what we do.

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